T H E  A R T  O F  2 1 1 2

'No, we're not gonna do Stone’enge'

Since the early days of 2112, we always felt that getting across a solid visual identity of who we are and what we represent to our audience was extremely important. Drummer Ian Smyth in particular had a very clear idea of what direction we should go in that department. For my part, being a Rush fan since 1982, I strongly identified with and admired the way Lee, Lifeson and Peart put themselves across in public. I wanted to present the band's 'brand' in a similar vein, while adding a definite hard rock/metal look to the identity. So, after a lot of discussions, arguments (and pints) with Ian, we hatched a visual direction between us which we felt worked. It has continued to evolve for the band ever since. It found its way into the video pieces that became a clearly identifiable part of the overall live act. With help and advice from my wife Audrey Whelan (who narrated and appeared in the 2112 Intro, see video second right), the video style employed in the live show went a step further in cementing the band's overall visual presentation style. The newest imagery takes an obvious direct link from Hugh Syme's original logo for 2112. We felt that we should look back to Rush's visual roots, to a more Rush-friendly look. Hopefully it will continue to grow and strike a chord with our audience for many years.

Carl McDonnell

Graphic Designer/Video Artist, 2112

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