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As part of this site launch, we've created a Forum, where you can discuss just about anything you want. Simply sign up and log in. The categories so far are '2112 - the band', 'Let's talk about Rush' and 'Let There Be Rock' but we'll be adding more as we go along. We want to know what you think about the band, Rush, and the vast spectrum of music in general. What songs do you want to hear live? Will Rush ever reform and do you want them to? How good are Mastodon? So feel free to become a member, log in and let us know your thoughts.

#2112live #rushcoverband #rushcoverbandireland #progrockireland #2112livesugarclub #iansmyth #micklindsay #cameraeye #limelight #tonyjones #carlmcdonnell #kevinmurphy

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